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Targeted Case Management

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Targeted Case Management services are individualized services that are coordinated to help children and adults with a serious mental illness or a severe emotional disorder reach their full potential in the home, work, and community environments.

Targeted Case Managers work with you to achieve the best services necessary for your treatment goals. They act as safety nets for individuals and families dealing with mental illness and are dedicated to helping clients deal with life’s daily stressors

Astra's Targeted Case Managers offer a variety of beneficial services for our patients.

These services include, but may not be limited to:

  • Assessing family strengths and needs and conducting periodic reassessments.

  • Helping access needed medical, social, educational, behavioral or other services.

  • Assisting clients with locating and securing housing

  • Helping clients create and manage personal budgets

  • Assisting clients with low income phone services and obtaining a phone

  • Arranging transportation to and from appointments 

  • Helping clients with legal matters

  • Helping to navigate social support services such as: SSI, Disability, GED classes, College Applications, Food Stamps, etc.

  • Helping clients find and keep affordable housing as well as filling out housing applications

  • Monitoring client appointments with doctors, therapist, etc.

  • Assisting clients in the acceptance process for PAP (Patient Assistance Programs) and needed drug distribution programs.

  • Refers clients to mental health or substance use services such as inpatient rehabilitation centers, Intensive Outpatient Program, Medication Assisted Treatment, AA, NA, etc.

  • Identifying and assessing clients and their family's needs. 

  • Linking you to resources for food, utilities and other basic necessities

  • Collaborating with our client's treatment team to ensure the client receives the best care possible. A team may include your therapist, primary care physician, psychiatrist, nurse practitioner, social services, the department of juvenile justice, a teacher, or anyone else that may be a support.

  • Helping to support you with client's Medicaid or Medicare benefits.

  • Identifying and linking clients with other support services.

If you are interested in Targeted Case Management (TCM) services for yourself, or a loved one, please contact one of our Astra locations near you to speak with a patient care representative in order to begin services.

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