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  • What are Astra's office hours?
    Astra's Elizabethtown, Louisville, Bardstown, Shepherdsville, and Lebanon location hours of operation are Monday - Friday 8:00am-4:30pm EST. All of our locations are closed Saturday and Sunday.
  • How do I become a patient at Astra?
    Step 1: Complete and submit the required New Patient Registration forms. You can pick up a paper copy from your local Astra office, or select the "Patient Forms" tab located at the top of our website to complete the registration forms on your smartphone or desktop. Step 2: Within 1-3 business days, you will receive a call from our intake department to schedule your initial evaluation appointment for telehealth or in-person, whichever you decide. Step 3: Meet with your provider for the initial evaluation and continue your treatment. Exception: If you are active duty military, we must have a referral from your VA office before we are able to schedule your Initial Evaluation appointment.
  • Does Astra accept walk-ins?
    No, unfortunately Astra cannot take walk-in appointments at this time. All of our providers have schedules which are built in advance and do not have the capabilities to accept same-day appointments.
  • Which insurance plans are in-network with Astra?
    All Astra Behavioral Health locations are in-network with most major commercial insurance plans, Tricare plans and Kentucky Medicaid/Medicare plans. If would like to verify that your insurance plan is in-network with Astra, please contact your nearest Astra office to speak with a representative.
  • How do I use telehealth with Astra?
    On the day of your appointment, typically 10-20 minutes before the appointment time, your provider will send a link to your cellphone or email address prompting you to click the link attached within the message to join the session. Once you have clicked onto your telehealth session, you will be placed into a virtual waiting room until the provider joins you. If you do not have access to a computer with audio and video, a smartphone, or internet access, we may require you to come in person or do a phone call session instead.
  • Can Astra see patients under the age of 5?
    No, we are not able to provide services for children under the age of 5 years old. Astra can provide treatment for individuals 5 years of age and up.
  • Where can I find patient forms?
    All patient forms can be found on the "Patient Forms" tab located at the top of each page on our website. In the Patient Forms tab, select which form you need to complete by clicking the "View Forms" link located to the right of each form title. Referral forms for agencies requesting to refer patients to Astra can be also be found under the "Patient Forms" tab as well.
  • Can a therapist or psychiatric practitioner at Astra sign off on my FMLA or disability paperwork?
    Yes, our therapist and practitioners can officially sign off on specific FMLA and disability forms once the provider has enough information to reach their official determination. This process can take up to 6 months to complete, if you continue to be seen by your provider throughout this process..
  • Does Astra provide Anger Management classes?
    No, we do not provide classes at any of our locations for Anger Management.
  • Does Astra provide ABA Therapy?
    No, at this time Astra does not provide ABA therapy at any of our locations.
  • Does Astra provide testing for Autism?
    No, Astra does not provide testing for Autism, nor do we have the personnel who can professionally diagnose individuals who may show symptoms related to Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).
  • Can I have my medications refilled without seeing my provider?
    No. For our psychiatric nurse practitioners to legally prescribe refills on certain medications, you must attend your follow-up appointments. If you are currently taking prescribed medications and wish to transfer to a practitioner at Astra, an Initial Evaluation must be completed before we are able to request a refill for your current medications.
  • Does Astra prescribe pain medications?
    No. Astra does not prescribe any type of pain medication at any of our locations.
  • Does Astra test for COVID-19?
    No, we do not provide COVID-19 testing within our offices. If you are seeking COVID-19 testing, please contact your Primary Care Provider or your nearest Urgent Care center.
  • Does Dr. Sajid practice at Astra?
    No, Dr. Sajid created Astra Behavioral Health in 2014 and is the sole owner of the agency, he does not treat patients within Astra.
  • Does Astra preform drug screening in office?
    Yes, we require regular Urine Drug Screens (UDS) for certain prescribed medications. If you are prescribed medications which require a urine drug screen, you will be required to complete a drug screen before your appointment with the provider. We do accept walk-ins for drug screens during business hours.
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